Certification Body WSPCert

We are your renowned specialist for product certifications in the field of heating and air conditioning & building automation.

Welcome to Certification Body WSPCert

We are a certification body accredited according to ISO/IEC 17065 by the German National Accreditation Body (DAkkS) and carry out product certifications.

WSPCert specialises in products in the following fields:

  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • building automation

WSPCert does not grant its own certification marks. As a service provider, we carry out certifications for organisations that have a certification programme and marks, but no certification body of their own.

The certification body was founded in 1998 by Dr.-Ing. Harald Bitter with the execution of radiator certifications for the RAL quality mark "Steel Radiators".

Our Services

Independent, competent and interdisciplinary

WSPCert carries out certifications for organisations that have certification programmes but no certification bodies of their own.

RAL – Steel radiators

Radiators differ in terms of material, surface finish, resistance against corrosion and service life, among other things. RAL Gütegemeinschaft Heizkörper aus Stahl e. V. was founded in order to ensure high product quality and market transparency based on reliable performance data.

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Control Units eu.bac Cert

EU directives and national regulations require a proof of energy efficiency for building automation products and systems. European standards have been and will be created for this purpose.

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Open and standardised data protocols enable the integration of devices from different manufacturers into building automation systems. BACnet is a globally used and well-known data protocol for building automation.

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